Time Deposit

graph on a tabletIt is a deposit account for individual customers which generates competitive interest rates which are paid to your account upon the agreed term. Terms are set as per your convenience from 30 days to 5 years. This account gives you the opportunity to save money and earn guaranteed interest upon the account maturity. The minimum balance to open a time deposit account is of $25,000.00 USD.


  • Open a US Dollar account from the convenience of your home or business in a quick, easy and secure way
  • Open your deposit account in US Dollar to protect your assets
  • Open your account with a minimum $25,000.00 USD
  • Guaranteed competitive interests according to your certificate of deposit needs
  • Verify the terms and conditions of this product in the Interest Rate Guidelines    
  • You have the option to automatically renew your certificate of deposit upon maturity
  • Automatic payment of capital and interest to your account
  • Interest rate is calculated based on 365 days and paid or accumulated monthly
  • Get access to your account through our electronic banking system 24/7 and/or check your balance and account activity in real time
  • Through our "Alerts'' option, we will inform you in real time to your email on file every activity on your account
  • You can reach us at no cost by calling 800-099-0259 or through our website

What you need

Note: Other documents may be required during the account opening process.

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