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Our main objective and priority is to give you peace of mind.

All of our products and services are designed in a personalized way and they incorporate the most advanced technology and processes to guarantee security, confidentiality and effectiveness in all of your bank transactions thanks to a robust and reliable banking platform.


From the moment you access the Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., web page, you are in a secure session. You can easily check this by just looking at the address and the padlock icon that appears in the browser bar starting with https: // ...

All data exchanged between our account holders and Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., travels encrypted so that the data cannot be read nor modified by third parties. The website of Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., is entirely under a secure server to ensure the security of your banking operations and protects the information and your personal data as required by US banking regulations.

If your computer remains inactive for a given a period of time during the online banking session, there will be an automatic disconnection. If this occurs, a message indicating “Time Exceeded” will appear on the screen.

At Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., all the systems that have an internet connection are protected with continuously updated firewalls and antivirus.

As an additional security measure, at Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., when trying to access repeatedly to your account with incorrect passwords, the system will  proceed to block your access. Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc., will offer you the option to request a new password in order to protect your financial information.

All within the most secured network!

For more information please refer to our Customer Privacy Statement


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